Karen Scott Speaks

A Professional, Punctual, and Prolific Speaker

Karen Scott is a dynamic and engaging motivational speaker based in Norfolk, VA. Karen has spoken at numerous conferences and workshops for many different organizations. Her oratorical skills are unmatched and she is waiting to add her gift to your event. Punctual, professional, and prolific are just a few of the reviews to describe this amazing speaker.

Business Topics

Retaining Top Talent When Loyalty Is Hard To Find

Developing Leadership

Diversity and Inclusion at All Levels Within An Organization

M.O.N.E.Y. Moves

Five Ways We Block Opportunities

Student Leadership Topics

Leadership 101

Effective Delegation

Building Conflict Resolution Skills

Practicing Wellness

The Value of Diversity

Religion and Spirituality

S.H.I.F.T: Moving From Wilderness to Promised Land

Forgiving God: Accepting What God Allows Is Easier Said Than Done

Seven Reasons Why No One's Coming to Your Church

All These Services and No Service: Igniting The Flame For Outreach


It's My Time: Stepping Into THIS Moment

Using Femininity To Your Advantage In The Marketplace

Healing The Mother Wound

Dating: How to Know If He's NOT The One

For Soon-to-Be-Brides: What I Wish I Knew Before I Said 'I Do'

Mental Health

Healing What the Therapist Cannot Diagnose

Ministry and Mania

Do You See What I See: Reaching the Mentally Ill

Karen is not limited to these topics. She will work with the event host to determine the best topic for audience, age, and size. Ms. Scott can also emcee, moderate a panel, as well as be a workshop or keynote speaker.

Contact: [email protected]